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Samsung and TeleAdapt Team up to Deliver an Integrated Streaming Solution for Hotel Guests

Sparks, NV (July 12, 2017) -- TeleAdapt Inc., the global leader in connectivity solutions for the hospitality industry, announced a strategic partnership with Samsung Electronics America, Inc. The companies will partner to provide hotels with a state of the art in-room entertainment solution. Through the integration of Samsung's LYNK™ REACH 4.0, a superior content management system, and TeleAdapt's Roomcast™, a media streaming platform powered by Google Chromecast, guests will be given a seamless user experience; combining REACH 4.0 content with simplified mobile device streaming.

Roomcast by TeleAdapt

Roomcast is a true over-the-top streaming solution that is simply added to your existing guestroom TV system. There's no head-end equipment, server or software to install. Simply connect Roomcast to the hotel network and to the TV. There are no contracts or content fees.

"Streaming whenever, wherever, is how today's guests watch, and listen to their favorite content" says Neil Betterton, VP Global Product Development at TeleAdapt, "Guests are streaming in hotels every day, but getting that stream onto the big screen in the guest-room is another trick. We believe Chromecast provides the simplest guest experience by far". Because Roomcast is powered by Chromecast, guests can open any of their Chromecast cast-enabled apps, tap the Cast icon, and watch their favorite entertainment on the in-room TV. Everything is controlled from the guest's own phone, tablet or laptop using the apps they already know and love. This is much simpler than native apps on the TV where guests must enter username and passwords through cumbersome on-screen keyboards.

Roomcast is an open platform solution built on robust hardware that supports an evolving software roadmap. About Roomcast's future Betterton says "With the release of our API's later this year, what Roomcast can deliver and how it can be managed will surprise a lot of people."


TeleAdapt Celebrates its 25 Year Anniversary

25-years 160

Gordon Brown founder and CEO looks back to the beginning of TeleAdapt and reflects on evolving in a changing world.

For any company 25 years is a major milestone and TeleAdapt has seen many changes in the hotel industry in this time. As a bedroom start up in 1992 our focus was supporting the business traveller then connecting their laptops by modems to the telephone dialup network – dealing with the myriad of telephone sockets that exist in the world.

This was a time when hotels simply did not assist the guest. Travelers were on their own and were classed as ‘road warriors’ or mostly ‘road worriers’! Today, hotels are very much judged by their guests on the connectivity they provide for internet, entertainment and charging for the multiple devices they are bringing into the hotel rooms.

Since its beginning TeleAdapt has always focused on anticipating trends and providing solutions that meet the needs of hotel guests. We initially provided internet connectivity solutions when high speed internet access first became available in the early 2000’s. We then provided our MediaHub panels to the newly-installed flat-screen TVs ready for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon. Next, we provided a variety of audio and charging solutions to meet the ever growing demand for more power outlets and mobile phone docking, responding to the guest complaints of ‘never enough outlets, always in the wrong place’!