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PowerHub™ USB-C


ta-7540 power-charging powerhub-usb-cThis fully enclosed and corded product is designed to be mounted flush into furniture and case goods. PowerHub USB-C is fully UL compliant and includes tamper resistant outlets. Designing guestrooms and public spaces with easy-to-reach power as well as USB-A and USB-C charging ports has never been easier.


ta-7530 power-charging powerhub-usb UK-Black

PowerHub™ USB-C Description

Sleek, compact, easy-to-install into case goods, the PowerHub USB-C is a convenient and simple way to put additional power outlets, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C port right where your guests need them most. Install by the desk for laptop power or mount flush in the nightstand to offer bedside charging for smartphones, tablets, or laptops overnight.


  1. Provides guests with easy-to-find charging outlets.
  2. Uniquely designed for installing flush into furniture, millwork, or case goods.
  3. Two AC outlets and three charging ports (two USB-A and one USB-C).
  4. High-current/fast-charging USB port supports a wide range of portable devices including smartphones and tablets.
  5. Engineered for safety with tamper-resistant receptacles.
  6. No need to commandeer a wall outlet, pass-through power plug replaces wall outlet used to install.
  7. Includes Metallic Charcoal/Brushed Aluminum and matching rubberized trim options.
  8. UL962A Approved.


TA-7540US-USN2 Brushed AluminumPowerHub-USB-TR blk alu
TA-7540US-USN2 Rubberized BlackPowerHub-USB-TR blk blk


TA-7540US-WN2 Brushed AluminumPowerHub-USB-TR white alu
TA-7540US-WN2 Rubberized WhitePowerHub-USB-TR white white


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Mini-Extender PowerHub-USB-TR bk-alu4
Mini-Extender PowerHub-USB-TR bk-bk4
Mini-Extender PowerHub-USB-C aluminum white
Mini-Extender PowerHub-USB-C white white


Trim color may differ to that shown on screen.

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