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Mini-Clip Range


mini-clip HDMI-DualUSB BLK-BMOur Mini-Clip range includes ports for USB charging, AV, and data. This modular system is designed to allow you to build a custom media panel to best suit the needs of your guests. Modules simply clip into the provided frame in the formation you have chosen to create a custom media solution. In addition, electrical outlets can be included by using the extender trim with PowerHub. As an alternative to clipping the modules into a carrier and trim for furniture mounting, a freestanding desktop housing that accommodates up to four 25mm modules or one 50mm module and two 25mm modules is also available.



  • Module and trim color options*
  • Fast-charging 2.4A USB module with Smart Charging
  • Flush mounts into a wide range of furnishing, millwork, casegoods, and partition walls
  • Range of modules for AV, CAT5, CAT6, and USB charging/pass-through
  • Compatible with PowerHub using the Extender trim, which adds additional electrical outlets with USB or Ethernet


module 1Dual USB Module, 25mm

TA-3377-25BK, rubberized black
TA-3377-25WH, rubberized white

  • 1 fast-charging 2.4A and 1 standard/data port
  • External PSU
  • Power cable included
  • Optional USB cable for data pass-through sold separately
TA-3377-50BK-WHUSB Module, 50mm
TA-3377-50BK, rubberized black
TA-3377-50WH, rubberized white
  • 50mm Dual USB
  • 1 x 2.4A + 1 x 2.4A / Data
  • External PSU
  • Power cable included
  • Optional USB cable for data pass-through sold separately


HDMI ModuleHDMI Module, 25mm
TA-3371-25BK, rubberized black
TA-3371-25WH, rubberized white
  • HDMI cable sold separately


Audio ModuleAudio Jack Module, 25mm
TA-3372-25BK, rubberized black
TA-3372-25WH, rubberized white
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Audio cable sold separately


CAT6 ModuleCAT6 Module, 25mm
TA-3374-25BK, rubberized black
TA-3374-25WH, rubberized white
  • CAT6 socket on 5” flying lead
  • Option to access 110 punch down block


Blank ModuleBlank Module, 25mm
TA-3375-25BK, rubberized black
TA-3375-25WH, rubberized white

Trim Options

Rubberized black / brushed nickel
mini-clip modules 50mm blk-alu

Rubberized black
mini-clip modules 50mm blk-blk

Rubberized white / brushed metallic
mini-clip modules 50mm wht-alu

Rubberized white
mini-clip modules 50mm wht-wht

Rubberized black / brushed nickel
mini-clip modules ext blk-alu

Rubberized black
mini-clip modules ext blk-blk

Rubberized white / brushed nickel
mini-clip modules ext wht-alu

Rubberized white
mini-clip modules ext wht-wht

Desktop Housing

The Mini-Clip Desktop Housing brings the flexibility of the Mini-Clip range to the guest room desk or nightstand. A subtle brushed metal finish complements the Mini-Clip modules perfectly and can house up to four 25 mm modules or two 25mm modules and a 50mm module.


Two example configurations are shown above. Just order the Mini-Clip Desktop Housing plus the combination of modules that suit your needs.

Mini-Clip Desktop Housing. Brushed metal, black.



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