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MediaHub UHD Desktop


MediaHub-UHD desktop Alu-08-15The MediaHub UHD provides guests with the most important, and universally accepted mobile connections to charge and play. Guests can use the USB to charge their mobile devices. Bluetooth pairing means that your guests can listen to their music over the TV speakers without docking, providing the freedom to roam and multi-task. The HDMI supports 4K and is the universal method for connecting mobile phones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles to HDTV’s.




    1. Desktop MediaHub UHD in a stylish black cast zinc housing
    2. 4K (2160p) support.
    3. HDMI 2.0 port for displaying your movies, videos and photos on the in-room TV.
    4. Dual 2.4 amp, 5 volt USB charge port for tablets and smart phones. (2.4 amp + 1 amp when used with PoE.)
    5. Bluetooth pairing point for wireless audio playback on the TV speakers.
    6. Audio jack for audio playback on the TV speakers.
    7. Automatic input switching via HDMI-CEC for any CEC enabled TV.
    8. Simple Installation - power supply and 3.5m HDMI cable included.
    9. Security lanyard and rubber pad included.
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