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Pull-Through Pro


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Whether you're looking for Internet access points or hook-ups to stream audio and video, or a universal cable holder, we have the easy-to-use solution. All Pull-Through products come with our exclusive DeskCard, branding options are available.

Enhance Guest Experiences

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The Pull-Through Pro is the perfect companion for presenting multi-media or audio cables. Add guest facing audio or HDMI connection presented using this stylish black or silver cable holder. All Pull-Through products come with our exclusive DeskCard which allow you to advertise or supply user instructions for your guests to follow.


Pull-Through Pro

  1. Customize the product with your property's logo.
  2. Cable included with each product.
  3. Choice of base color.
  4. Locking cap for added security.
  5. Includes sturdy acrylic DeskCard.

Use with Roomcast™:
The Roomcast™ HDMI port provides an auto sensing connection for guests to plug and play their devices directly to the TV.
Read more about Roomcast™.

Pull-Through Pro

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