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Kube Essentials


Kube EssentialsThe new Kube ‘Essentials’ offers an affordable unit that still packs a punch with unmatched charging capabilities, versatility, and engaging design. Kube Essentials charges ALL mobile electronics, including laptops with an AC power outlet. The option of a Qi Charging Pad accessory allows guests to ‘drop and charge’ smartphones. Kube Essentials ensures investment protection with built-in charging cables that are completely upgradeable to next generation charging formats, including USB Type-C (reversible plug capability).


Kube Essentialsv2             


  1. 2 x Built-in Replaceable Charging Cables (Apple LTG & Micro USB)
  2. USB-C Capable (3 amp output)
  3. 2 x USB Ports (up to 2.1 amp)
  4. AC Power Socket for Laptops
  5. Ambient Light Sensor with manual control
  6. Intuitive Single Day Alarm
  7. Wireless Charging Base Accessory Upgrade Option | TA-9206-PAD
  8. Security tethering option

Kube Essentials

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