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ChargTimePlus mini2 ns

The ChargeTime Plus is a uniquely designed hotel alarm clock radio, Bluetooth speaker, and mobile device charger all in one. ChargeTime Plus is loaded with hotel features that make it incredibly simple for hotels to install including preset time, automatic daylight savings adjustments, and included security features. With an intuitive interface, guests will find it incredibly easy to use.

ChargeTime Plus       


• Simple-set, non-recurring alarm
• Accessible front-facing USB charging ports
• Audio playback via (Wireless) Bluetooth or (Wired) 3.5mm line-in AUX
• FM Radio included
• Auto-DST / Daylight Saving Time setting
• High current 2.1 Amps per port to fast charge phones and tablets
• Back up capacitor (no batteries required)
• Integrated security lanyard to secure the unit to furniture
• LED display with dimmer switch to easily control display brightness


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